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CBD Review: Gataka and Lulu's Chocolate Bars

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CBD Review: Gataka and Lulu’s Chocolate Bars

Here at Gataka, we want to be sure that all customers have the resources they need to receive only the best CBD products on the market.

Surprisingly, simply choosing your favorite flavor and making the purchase is not so easy when it comes to CBD. There are actually a few key factors to consider in choosing a reliable CBD chocolate bar and manufacturer.

CBD Review: Gataka and Lulu’s Chocolate Bars

In this article, we’ll review how to best choose a reliable CBD chocolate company. We’ll provide you with all you need to know regarding lab testing, and outline how to choose the best CBD chocolate for you. We’ll also take an in-depth look at a few of the products available on the market today.

Without further ado - let’s dive into the world of choosing your ideal CBD chocolate bar!

How to Choose the Right CBD Chocolate Company

In searching for CBD-infused chocolate, you may encounter quite a number of different CBD companies online to choose from. In fact, with CBD growing exponentially popular in recent years, the market is inundated with numerous manufacturers who may or may not be trustworthy.

As the CBD industry is still very unregulated, it can be tricky to find a trustworthy CBD chocolate company as a consumer. Unfortunately, such an under-regulated market can allow for mislabeling and false CBD content levels to be reported by some companies.

Luckily, there are a few ways to protect yourself and encourage only the best practices throughout the CBD industry.

First and foremost, it is very important to purchase your CBD products from only the most trusted manufacturers. But, how do you know they are trustworthy? Third-party lab results are an excellent place to start.

All About CBD Lab Testing

One of the greatest indications of a solid CBD company is their lab results. To set a standard in the industry for quality, third-party lab results should be conducted on all CBD products.

These tests ensure that CBD content levels in the product are accurate. They also ensure that CBD products remain at the legal limit of 0.3% of THC, the psychoactive compound that is found in cannabis.

Third-party lab tests also determine that the product is free of contaminants and pesticides that may have made their way into the chocolate during production.

Trustworthy companies will always make their lab results public and easy to access. CBD chocolate companies that are fully transparent in publishing their lab results should always be considered a top choice.

In addition to full transparency, always ensure that:

The lab results are easy to decipher.

If you are having trouble finding lab results on a CBD company's website, it’s probably best to make your purchase elsewhere. Results should always be readily available and easy to access by the public.

Also, ensure that the results for each product are easy to read and are well-organized. Confusing, conflicting, or unclear information is not to be trusted.

Ensure that all tests were conducted by a third-party lab.

This measure eliminates biased testing by the CBD manufacturer. In other words, if lab results were conducted by the manufacturer on-site, results may be biased to favor their own products.

With third-party lab results, you can be sure that the contents of the CBD chocolate was reported accurately. When possible, it may be a good idea to investigate the lab online independently to ensure they have a solid reputation.

Encourage best practices.

Where and from whom you purchase your CBD does have an impact on the industry as a whole. Purchasing your products from only all-natural, trade-friendly manufacturers helps to encourage best practices throughout the market.

Companies who use organic ingredients, and that carry a strong focus on quality hemp farming and fair trade are highly recommended.

It’s also important to note that with CBD products, price and quality should always be considered. If a CBD product is boasting a very low price, it’s likely the quality of the product and the standards of the manufacturer are low.

It’s best to avoid the purchase in this case, and make sure that you are willing to pay a higher price for a quality CBD item.

Finding Only the Best CBD Chocolate

Now that you’re knowledgeable in choosing the best CBD sellers and products, it’s time to pick the best chocolate! Here’s some of our top suggestions.

Gataka - Simply Indulgent Wellness

Gataka has a pretty amazing backstory to say the least.

Joel and his wife, the founders of Gataka, have been in the artisan chocolate business for years. Their love of chocolate bloomed when they lived in Costa Rica, a place where chocolate is considered a superfood full of antioxidants and minerals.

Here is where the couple learned the traditional methods of making chocolate with raw ingredients - from bean to bar. After becoming experts in the trade, they eventually moved to Colorado. They continued to make handcrafted chocolate in the states, and built their first artisan chocolate business, DAR Chocolate.

In 2018, Gataka was born. Combining the wellness benefits of CBD with the art of traditional chocolate making, Gataka brings you a large line of high-quality artisan chocolates to choose from.

Varying in CBD dosage sizes and cacao content, and bursting with flavor - there’s a choice to fit everyone’s needs. With a large collection of CBD chocolate to choose from you’re bound to find your favorite.

Gataka’s Chocolate Collection

Gataka harbors a simplicity to their CBD chocolate that is very unique. Each batch of chocolate is hand-crafted and somehow made deliciously with only 2-3 all-natural ingredients.

This makes any item on Gataka’s menu a healthier choice. Gataka’s chocolate is crafted from organic ingredients and is also dairy-free, Vegan, Paleo, and Keto friendly.

Operating as a family-owned and family-run business, all of the full spectrum CBD infused in their chocolate is sourced from only the best hemp crops in Colorado.

Another plus: Gataka prides its CBD chocolate as being full of flavor. Gataka has even won an award to confirm that it’s some of the best tasting chocolate in the state.

Truth in Transparency

Providing third-party lab results is of top priority at Gataka. Lab tests for every product are easily accessible straight from the homepage. All of Gataka’s cacao is sourced from Ecuador, and is completely fair trade friendly.

Gataka also provides a very unique way to check lab results on any product you purchase. The labeling on every item includes a QR code that can be easily scanned using your smartphone camera.

Scanning the code will allow you to view the lab results for the product immediately - anytime, and anywhere.

Chocolate Discs

From coconut milk chocolate, to almond butter cups, to peanut butter cups and more - if you’re new to the world of CBD chocolate, this is an excellent place to begin!

CBD content for these mini chocolates is either 10mg or 20mg depending on the flavor. There’s also both options available as far as chocolate is concerned: dark chocolate or milk chocolate. You can purchase each flavor individually, or in a bulk pack of 25 pieces.

The smaller doses of 10mg are perfect for an uplifting, energetic feeling. For added relaxation, try a 20mg piece just before bedtime to kick off a good night’s rest. Each of these CBD discs can be placed in coffee or hot chocolate to enjoy, or simply enjoyed by themselves.

Our favorite? The pumpkin spice disc! Pop one of these in your freshly brewed latte, stir until melted, and enjoy a CBD-infused treat any time of day.

CBD Chocolate Bars

There’s three chocolate bars to choose from in Gataka’s collection, and each is more lovely than the last.

Each bar is sweetened with delicious coconut sugar and is full of natural cacao. Gataka’s hand crafted chocolate bars also follow a three-tier setup as far as dosage:

GATAKA Dark Chocolate Bar / 60mg CBD

GATAKA Dark Chocolate Bar / 120mg CBD

GATAKA Dark Chocolate / 240mg CBD

Whether you are new to CBD or you are an experienced connoisseur - Gataka has the perfect chocolate bar for you. The 60mg bar is great for beginners, while the 240mg bar is an excellent choice for the pros.

These 2-ounce bars are so delicious you may want to devour them in one sitting, but be careful! Especially with the higher-dosage bars, it’s best to try out a single piece first to gauge personal effects, especially if you’re new to the world of CBD.

Our favorite? The 120mg dark chocolate bar. It’s a harmonious balance of CBD dosage and tasty dark chocolate. It’s a perfect addition to your nighttime chocolate “stash” to break off and enjoy a piece just before bedtime.

Butter Cups

Gataka’s butter cups can be purchased individually or in a bulk-size box of 25 pieces. There’s a dairy-free option available for both the peanut butter cups and the almond butter cups. Dosage for each flavor is 20mg per piece. Each butter batch is all-natural and handmade.

As is true with Gataka’s entire chocolate collection, you’ll find only simple, organic ingredients here:

● Cocoa beans

● Coconut sugar

● Cocoa butter

● Roasted peanuts or almonds

● Salt, and

● Full spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp.

Each mini butter cup packs just over half an ounce of deliciousness. There’s a milk chocolate as well as a dark chocolate option for each flavor.

Other CBD Chocolate Finds: Lulu’s Chocolate

Lulu’s Chocolate is not solely a CBD chocolate company, as production is mainly centered around artisan dark chocolates. However, they do have a few great CBD chocolate options on the menu.

Lulu’s Chocolate is a California-based, woman-owned small business. According to Lulu’s website, all CBD is sourced from organically grown, sustainable, Colorado sun-grown hemp and is third party lab tested.

It’s also stated that Lulu’s is part of a CBD collective, with two other women-owned CBD companies. Other products offered through the collective (CBD oils and CBD bath and body products) are also third-party lab tested for accuracy and CBD content.

The Product Line at Lulu’s Chocolate: A Synopsis

Lulu’s features a small artisan product line of CBD chocolate bars and individual chocolates. Each item is sourced from trade-friendly Ecuadorian cocoa beans.

Three out of the four CBD chocolates that Lulu has available are unique in that they contain small amounts of CBG.

CBG is another of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Though research on CBG is even more limited than that of CBD, this lesser-known cannabinoid is believed to carry some benefits to wellness.

CBD Chocolate Bars

Lulu’s CBD collection includes two 1-ounce chocolate bars. The first is a full-spectrum CBD infused dark chocolate bar. This bar contains 80mg of full spectrum CBD, which is 20mg per piece.

As with other CBD chocolates, be sure not to enjoy the entire thing in one sitting, unless you’re ready for a great night’s rest!

The second chocolate bar by Lulu is also dark chocolate. It is derived from CBD concentrate that is not full spectrum. This means that the CBD content is pure and does not contain other plant-based components that are found in cannabis plants.

Additional CBD Items by Lulu’s

Purchases can be made for individual, CBD-infused dark chocolate pieces through Lulu’s Chocolate. Or, you can try out Lulu’s CBD truffles - one of her top sellers.

All of Lulu’s Chocolate is vegan, paleo, low glycemic, and fair trade friendly.

The Final Word

Though there are many options to consider when choosing your ideal CBD chocolate and CBD company, there are some amazing options on the market to choose from.

No matter how experienced you are in the world of CBD, you’re likely to find the perfect confection to meet your needs.

Remember to always review lab results and stay in the know regarding CBD dosages. To perpetuate best practices in the industry, it’s always advisable to purchase CBD chocolate from a company that uses all-natural and organic ingredients.

When it comes to CBD edibles, remember that quality and price go hand in hand. Be sure to make your purchases with only reputable companies who are also fair trade friendly. With both Gataka and Lulu’s Chocolate, you’ll find this and more.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!


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