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About Gataka Chocolate


Gataka Chocolate is a Colorado based CBD craft chocolate company owned and operated by Joel and Gila Dar. We are excited to share our origin story with you.


How We Became The Best Cannabis Chocolate


We can’t really talk about how the GATAKA brand came to be without sharing a bit about our sister company, DAR Chocolate. You can find the DAR chocolate origin story

here, but the short summary is that we fell in love with high quality cacao and wanted to create the best possible dark chocolate with the fewest, most organic ingredients available. And we did.


In 2018, after DAR chocolate was up and successfully running, several CBD companies approached us about adding their tinctures to our chocolate to create a new chocolate - a full spectrum hemp/cannabis chocolate edible product. 


Most of the CBD chocolates being created in the marijuana industry at that time didn’t use high quality chocolate, and so the product wasn’t as health conscious as it could be. CBD is a wellness product, but the chocolate used to carry it wasn’t health conscious. People thought our handcrafted dark chocolate would be the perfect carrier for chocolate lovers getting into CBD products for the first time. (Spoiler alert - it is!)


So we set about testing the idea. We started to create the product with full spectrum CBD chocolate to see if it was a product we liked, could do well, and felt would be a good addition to our existing business. Once we found the perfect recipe, we were on our way. 


We chose the name GATAKA for our company because “gataka” means messenger or delivery system in Sanskrit, and we thought that was the perfect name for the way our chocolate acts as a carrier for the CBD. 


How We Make Cannabis Chocolate


The process for making our chocolate starts in a very similar way to the process we use to make DAR chocolate, which you can read about more in depth here.


We choose cacao beans from the organic farm based on the very best taste. The beans are roasted and partially ground at their origin, and then we use a 100% cacao liquor to create both our dark chocolate and milk chocolate (we don’t make white chocolate). 


We create the chocolate here in Colorado by placing in it chocolate molds that give the perfect serving size of CBD depending on the bar type. The process of tempering makes our chocolate shiny and snappy just like the best dark chocolate should be. We don’t use decarboxylated cannabis, so there will be no “high” feeling like that of traditional “weed chocolates.” 


We then send our final CBD infused chocolates out for a lab test so that you know we are giving you exactly the amount and type of CBD listed on our packaging. You can find the results of our lab tests here

Our chocolate is the best on the market because it is the most natural and health conscious CBD chocolate out there. But don’t take our word for it - make sure to try it for yourself. We also carry full spectrum hemp / CBD oil / tinctures in our shop.

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